Q: How do I submit to the Clearwater Series?

A: You can submit to Marissa Dobson at marissa@marissadobson.com using the Ruby Lioness Press submission guidelines found here. Be sure to add Clearwater Submissions in the subject line. Clearwater Series is open to any genre, any heat, and between 10,000 and 100,000 words. However any question about the town, characters, business, etc. please email Marissa at marissa@marissadobson.com

Q: May I invent a new business for the town?

A: There is no simple answer for this, but things are negotiable. New businesses are welcome with approval. If you wish to create a new business please email me at marissa@marissadobson.com first with more information about the business. The business cannot be something that would crush another business. Remember this is a small town and having competing business isn’t going to work. But if you have a new idea for a new business then yes that is welcomed. Business from home such as an artist selling his or her paintings is fine. Contraction business is also fine.

Q: Can I use the characters listed above?

A: Yes you can use them but only as secondary characters, all I ask is for you pay attention to the details for each character. If the character’s age is listed at fourty on this sheet don’t make him twenty in your story. If you wish to have one of the listed characters as a main character, please email me to discuss this possibility. The characters listed above are ones that are important to the town, or own business that you might interact with. The characters will be updated as the series processed so we don’t have similar characters. Feel free to invent your own characters for the Clearwater series.


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