Chloe Frost Sheppard- Owner of the Bed and Breakfast. Mid-twenties, long red curly hair, green eyes, 5’3”. She has worked beside her Grandmother at Winterbloom her whole life. Since her Grandmother passed away she inherited it and is keeping the business alive. She adopted a golden retreiver, Goldie (in Winterbloom).

Jordan Sheppard– Chloe’s husband (happens in Winterbloom) once a Gunnery Sergeant of the Marines. He’s well-built with solid muscle from time in the gym. His dark hair was buzzed close to his scalp. Early 30’s.

Ava Miller – Olive skin, green eyes, and jet black hair. Free spirited and loves to talk. Owner of Bare Necessities, a local lingerie shop. Early 30’s. Cousin of Julie Miller.

Ryan Ryder – Sheriff of Clearwater. Brown hair, brown eyes, muscular build. 30’s

Kimberly Ryder – Ryan Ryder’s younger sister. In her 20’s

Alyssa Robertson – Owner of Happy Ever After Books. She is in her 30’s. Short brown hair, greenish-blue eyes, 5’7”. She is always chipper, lives alone above the bookstore. She might not know everyone by their names but she never forgets what a person reads. She can recommend a book for a person at the drop of a hat.

Jennifer Anderson – Owner of Express-Ohh. Early 30’s, long light brown hair, hazel eyes, 5’5”. Not married and has no children. She is spunky and can be sarcastic. It takes a lot to anger her. She is always running at full steam like she drank a dozen espressos. She would drop everything to help a friend in need.

Rebecca James – Part-time assistant at Express-Ohh, and attending college online for her degree in Business Management. She is in her early 20’s.

Jayme Sweets – The owner of The Sweet Spot. She has short pixie cut black hair, and is only 5 feet tall. She is always busy trying out different sweet recipes and often clients find her asking them to try her latest creation.

Jason Kelly – In his 30’s, short brown hair that he likes to spike in the front. Owns and works full time at Kelly’s Hardware. His father, John, works two to three days a week at the store to give him a break.

John Kelly – Late 50’s, balding. Married to Sarah Kelly. Works a few days a week at Kelly’s Hardware, mostly to nag Jason about settling down and giving him grandchildren before he is too old to enjoy them.

Pete Johnson – Spends most of his free time working on cars at his service station Pete’s Service Station. He can fix anything and is willing to lend a hand to anyone in need. He has been known to help out a resident in a pinch. In his 40’s, his wife passed away a few years ago in a car accident, and he is raising his teenage son alone.

Kate – The owner of Kate’s Salon. She has never been married and lives in an apartment above the salon. She is in her late 40’s and always wears bright colors to make her stand out. She also loves to color her hair bright colors and changes it often to go with her new look.

Kary – Works at her sister’s salon. She is divorced and recently just moved back to Clearwater with her teenage daughter. They live in the second apartment above the salon. She isn’t as noticeable as her sister and since her divorce likes to blend into the background.

Tony O’Conner – Owner of Tony’s Pizza. Bachelor and is devoted to his shop. He lives and breathes pizza. He lives above the pizza shop.

Daniel Bridge – a good ole’ boy and owner of On The Rocks Bar, he is what Lilly Myers calls a bartending therapist, always willing to listen to any ones problems and give them a drink to help them solve it. When he speaks his voice is heavy with a country twang that instantly sets his customers at ease.

Julie Miller – She is in her early 30’s, has a daughter and is involved with Mark Thomas. She is average size with dark blonde hair and brown eyes. She owns her own e-publishing business. Cousin of Ava Miller.

Mark Thomas – Involved with Julie Miller. He makes custom wood furniture at Country Homes Fixings. Average built with brown hair and green eyes. He is in his early 30’s.

Laney Donovan Ellis – 30 years old. Tall, blonde, with green eyes. Married to Wyatt (deceased) from the age of 17-29. Cattle rancher.

Justin Ellis – A 13 year old that craves being a bull rider like his dad (Wyatt Ellis, deceased) more than anything in the world. He idolizes bull riders. He is popular and outgoing. He has a crush on Amber Lyn.

Jeb Donovan – 55 years old. Bald, wears a cap. Laney and Callie’s father. Widowed. Rancher. Lives close to Laney.

Callie Donovan – 23 years old, blonde with blue eyes.  Laney’s younger sister. A recent college grad just returning to the area.

Cody Utah – Native American. 30 years old. Dark hair and eyes. World Champion Bull Rider. Injured, and beginning a new life in Clearwater running a bull riding school.  Never married.

Luke Greer – Cody’s best friend. 27 years old. Helping Cody get the bull riding school started. Fun-loving and full of himself. Also a World Champion bull rider.

Rayanne Whitfield – 26 years old. Red hair, bue eyes, and chubby. A teacher at the middle school and unlucky in love. Single. Falls in love with Luke.

Dottie Levine:  Owner of The Wagon Wheel. Amber Lyn’s mother. In her 30’s. Snobby and looks down on Laney.

Amber Lyn Levine – 13 years old. Long blonde hair, blue eyes. She helps out at the Wagon Wheel café.  Likes Justin.

Stacy – Amber Lyn’s best friend.

Bob and Jill Mullins – Friends of Laney’s. They went to high school with her and Wyatt.  He’s a contractor, she waitresses at the Sweet Spot.

Ken Goode – Owner of Bits-and-Buckles feed store. Mid-forties. Stooped, and kind of sour. Single.

Helen Korr – Older spinster. Grumpy, no sense of humor.

Mary Beth Grable – Twenty-something, hostess at the Wagon Wheel.

Garrett Pike – 25 years old.  Dark hair and eyes. Bull rider on hiatus. Works for Cody Utah at his bull riding school. Divorced from Kara. Has a white deaf Australian shepherd named Moon.

Sunny Jamieson – 21 years old. Long blonde hair and blue eyes. Horse trainer. Mother to two, Henry (4) and Sam (2).  Married to Thomas Boyer in high school and divorced a year and a half ago. Gives birth to her thirdd son in an ice storm (in Sunny Day’s Ahead).

Thomas Boyer – 21 years old. Sunny’s high school sweetheart and ex husband.  Father to Sunny’s two older boys (Henry and Sam).

Melvin Snyder – 26 years old. Father of Baby Garrett (Sunny’s son born in Sunny Day’s Ahead). Lives in Jackson Hole with new girlfriend.

Clem Jamieson – 56 years old. Sunny’s father. He’s the father of several children he doesn’t claim. Divorced seven times. A drunk. Farrier by trade. Currently married to Gemma Jamieson

Starla Jamieson – 25 years old. Sunny’s sister. Bartender at On the Rocks.

Justin Taylor – late twenties with sandy blonde hair and blue eyes. He is the owner of Winter Lillie’s’ Outfitters and specialized in ski and snowboard repair but also works on the Jackson Hole Fire and Rescue Team when needed. He lives with his dog Jack in his parents’ home that he purchased from them and modernized, it has a large deck that overlooks the valley.

Lilly Myers – late twenties with grey eyes and long flowing hair. She works as a Trauma Nurse and now volunteers with the Jackson Hole Fire and Rescue. She loves to be around children and would do anything to make a sick child feel comfortable. She comes from a broken home.

Jan Myers – late 50s and the mother of Lilly and Caleb Myers. She has long silver hair and grey eyes. Her husband was a no good cheater and after she got rid of him she decided she didn’t need a man. She has raised her two kids on her own and is very independent and protective. Her home is a quaint little house with a white picket fence on a quiet street. She likes to hang out at Kate’s with the town gossips.

Caleb Myers – is six foot three inches and built like the broad side of a barn. He is quick witted and full of sarcasm. He works with Justin at Winter Lillie’s Outfitters.

Brooke – was the town harlot in high school with a body built for sin and a sharp tongue to match. She had a way of making things look worse than they actually are. She is in her late twenties.


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