Winterbloom Bed & Breakfast – A five room B&B that sits back Crawford Lane with two small cabins overlooking the creek. Owned by Chloe Frost

Happy Ever After Books – Small book store owned by Alissa Robertson.

Express Ohh – Coffee Shop between Happy Ever After Books and The Sweet Spot. Owned by Jennifer Anderson and part-time help is Rebecca James.

The Sweet Spot – The town Bakery. Owed by Jayme Sweets.

Swift Water Cafe – Cafe on main street by Winterbloom Bed & Breakfast.

Bare Necessities – A lingerie shop on Queen Ave, owned by Ava Miller.

Kelly’s Hardware – Owned by Jason Kelly, and has been in his family for generations. His Great Grandfather started it.

On the Rocks – Bar on the outskirts of town. Owned by Daniel Bridge.

Pete’s Service Station – The only gas and service station in town. Pete can fix anything and is always willing to lend a hand to someone in need. Owned by Pete Johnson.

Kate’s Salon – The beauty salon located on Main Street. The owner is Kate and her sister, Kary, work there also. It is a place the women of Clearwater like to go and share the latest gossip.

Snowy Meadows Daycare – Owned by Kayla Meadows

Clearwater Animal Hospital

Tony’s Pizza – Owned by Tony O’Conner.

Cherished Pets – A pet supply store, where you can find everything you need for Fido, as well as your horses, cats, and other animals. Owned by Elizabeth (Beth) Wolfe.

Bits-and–Buckles – feed store owned by Ken Goode. Side street.

The Wagon Wheel Cafe – Owned byDottie Levine. Amber Lyn works there.

Police Department – Ryan Ryder is the Sheriff of Clearwater.

Volunteer Fire Department

Jackson Hole Fire and Rescue – located in Jackson Hole and is a collaboration of the Jackson Hole Police Department, Clearwater Police Departemtn, paramedics, a staff physician and local volunteers.

Country Home Fixing’s – Furniture Store

Fast Check Grocery

Funeral Home

Butcher Shop


Donnor’s Hill:  Sledding spot, hangout for kids.


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