Release: Winterbloom by Marissa Dobson

Winterbloom, the first story in the Clearwater multi author series from Ruby Lioness Press is hitting the ebook shelves.

As Chloe Frost focuses on renovating Winterbloom Bed and Breakfast, a blizzard dumps blankets of snow upon the sleepy town of Clearwater. An unexpected guest desperately needs a room after his car breaks down in the storm, but this mystery man seems tortured by his past. Can Chloe help him see through the pain and anger? Can Jordan Sheppard, once a Gunnery Sergeant of the Marines, finally let someone in and show him just what love is?

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Carved right into the side of a mountain, Clearwater, Wyoming had always received a lot of snow, but this storm would put the most seasoned residents to a test. It was expected to stall over the area and last four to five days, dumping up to ten feet of snow.

As she placed the wood next to the fireplace, she didn’t hear the front door shut and someone call out. Not expecting anyone, she’d played the radio louder than normal.She wanted to hear it as she worked.

“Ahem.” She jumped to her feet. “Do you always ignore paying customers?”

The voice was unfamiliar. She gripped a log and was ready to swing at the intruder.

“I see the hospitality continues. Are you really prepared to beat away a customer? It would seem to me you are in need of some as the place is empty.” A man stood in the living-room doorway. His clothes were rumpled as though he’d slept in them and his voice harsh with a touch of annoyance.


Melting Hearts, a Clearwater anthology call

Ruby Lioness Press is currently looking for submissions for its first Clearwater anthology, Melting Hearts.

This anthology is open to all romance genres.


Your story must take place in Clearwater Wyoming, you can find more details about Clearwater here… and

During all stories in this anthology, Clearwater is experiencing an ice storm. The roads are closed and everyone is stuck where they were when the storm hits. Maybe they are stuck with someone they have bad blood with, don’t like each other, or for some other reason do not want to find love again. Your goal is to melt their heart.

Any heat level is welcome, including Ménage à trois and GLBT. Stories must be romance with a HEA or Happily-for-now ending.

Stories should be:

  • 5,000-15,000 words
  • Times New Roman
  • 12pt Type
  • Double Space
  • .doc or .rtf format

Please send submissions to on or before September 31st, 2012.

Clearwater Pitch session

The Clearwater multi-author series at Ruby Lioness Press is looking for you. We are doing a pitch session; open to all genres and lengths.

Requirements: Your story must be set in Clearwater, Wyoming. You don’t have to use one of the characters on the blog, but interacting with the other characters is a positive.

You can find more information about the Clearwater, Wyoming multi-author series here… and

To submit your pitch please fill out this form or email it to

The pitch session ends February 29th, 2012.


Welcome the Clearwater, Wyoming! A small town with lots of characters. It is a perfect place to settle down and raise a family or to start over.

The Clearwater series is a multi author series at Ruby Lioness Press. The first book in the series Winterbloom will be release in April, 2012.

Take a moment to look around and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me at

We are now officially open to submissions. You can send your submissions to